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Passionfroot Sponsor Homepage

Passionfroot is a platform that allows creators to create sponsorships easily, offer bookings, and solicit collaboration requests. Use it to track who you’re working with, what projects are in progress, and how much money you’re making. With built-in analytics and automated invoicing, Passionfroot helps creators stay organized and maximize their potential earnings. Passionfroot allows creators […]

Title SH Homepage Screenshot

Need to write an article title or headline? We use spell checks, grammar checks, and other tools to improve writing. is a tool where you paste your headline or title, and it will auto-capitalize the title properly based on The Chicago Manual of Style. It’s a free tool and I have it bookmarked to […]

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Homepage Screenshot

AI is taking over the world, not even content writing is safe! Jasper is an AI that can create content for blogs, social media, landing pages, Google Ads, and more marketing copy. With Jasper, you can create original content to boost SEO, improve CTRs, end writer’s block, and scale up your marketing. Pricing starts at […]


Loom Video Home Page Screenshot

Loom is a video messaging platform through recorded videos. It’s hands down the best way to record screen shares, produce training, and asynchronously communicate with anyone. The app allows you to screen share, overlay your webcam, and even take screenshots. They’re stored on the platform which makes sharing easy. Pricing starts at $10 a month […]

Savvy Cal

Savvy Cal Home Page Screenshot

Alternative to Calendly is a beautiful scheduling experience. However, the fundamental scheduling part is different. A regular scheduling tool will make you toggle between their calendar and yours. Savvy Cal allows the person scheduling to overlay their calendar on yours, making picking a day that works best for everyone. Pricing starts at $12 a month […]


Siteground Hosting Website Screenshot

Siteground hosting is one of the best shared hosting solutions on the market. Even WordPress recommends them on their website! They are a shared hosting provider, but they offer amazing deals year-round for 50% to 70% yearly plans. The hosting is fast and has a custom interface to create and manage a WordPress install easily. […]